Heading Out

At the time of a disaster your knowledge and survival skills need to kick in, if you have any chance of surviving. Below is a brief list of the actions that anyone would take first, from when disaster strikes until the time you are on route. These are important and following them would make an evacuation go a little smoother.

so the disaster is under way and you're out the door, remember if this is not a major end of society event then check in with your local emergency community shelter. Information is provided to help you get through the disaster and when it is safe to return to your geographical location. Cleanups will take place, infrastructure and services restored. This can be a slow process but eventually your life will get back on track into its normal everyday routine.....

This site isn't preparing you for any small scale event so you can disregard that little bit of information. We all know that's not why you're here, after a disaster starts, you will have to escape before total chaos unfolds, people who arent prepared turning to looting, stealing and even killing for their own survival, you're now on your own. There wont be any police to protect you or paramedic to patch you up, no power, running water or even food being supplied to your local supermarkets, with no internet or phone/cell phone service make sure have your ham radio or 2 way radio ready (never give away your location not everyone is friendly in person).

You're currently checking to see you have your bug-out-bag and whatever else you need. You need to be on your way to your first rally point via one of your selected evacuation routes. Any mode of transportation you can get your hands on, even if its just your feet, you have to be on your way to your destination.

Below are two different scenarios, these will give you a bit of an idea about getting to your relocation area. It wont be as easy as you may have hoped, you will have unpredictable events to deal with, so lets get started

PLEASE NOTE there will be contests from time to time, for instance we will see who can write the most interesting scenario, This will be submitted to the preppers community page. The winner will have their scenario linked here alongside my two scenarios and a prize which will be announced at a later time good luck!!